/ IHRightsزاهدان- زنان بلوچ با پرچم «زن زندگی آزادی» و شعار «مرگ بر دیکتاتور» به خیابان آمده‌اند. جمعه ۱۱ آذر ۱۴۰۱… https://t.co/eh6CEEin0N02 Dec
Nationwide protests and strikes sparked by the police murder of Mahsa (Jina) Amini are ongoing despite bloody crackdowns and internet shutdown by the authorities. In this section, you can keep up to date with Iran Human Rights news, statements and reports related to the uprising. If you have any information or document evidence about any of the protesters killed by security forces and willing to share them, please contact us on 0061478494849 on Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp.
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