Iranian Authorities Amputate Hands of Two Prisoners in Mashhad During Ramadan

June 30, 2015, 3:52 a.m.
Iran Human Rights, June 29, 2015: According to official reports, Iranian authorities carried out two amputation sentences in the Central Prison of Mashhad on Sunday (during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan). One of the prisoners was identified by Khorassan newspaper as M.A., 26 years old, accused of theft by breaking into a residential home and stealing money. However, hours after its publication, the paper removed the prisoner's name from the report. The amputation sentence was reportedly issued in branch 136 of Mashhad's public and criminal court. The other prisoner, reportedly charged with ten counts of theft, was transferred to the Central Prison of Mashhad for the execution of his sentence (Ferdowsi Prison, where he is held, is reportedly not equipped to carry out amputations). After their hands were amputated, the prisoners were reportedly transferred to a medical center.