Iranian Authorities Execute Two Prisoners in Gilan for Drug Possession

Sept. 12, 2015, 6:21 p.m.

Two prisoners charged with drug possession were hanged to death in northern Iran.

Iran Human Rights, September 12 2015: Two prisoners with drug related charges were hanged to death at *Rasht Central Prison on the morning of Saturday September 12, according to the Iranian official media source Seda o Sima.

One of the prisoners was reportedly 34 years old and sentenced to death for possessing 3 Kilograms and 700 Grams of crystal meth and 20 Litres of raw substances for the production of crystal meth. The other prisoner was reportedly 45 years old and sentenced to death for possessing 1 Kilogram of crack.

* Rasht Central Prison is also known as Lakan Prison and is located in the province of Gilan, northern Iran.