Iran: Two Prisoners in Imminent Danger of Execution for Drug Charges

July 21, 2017, 1:44 p.m.

Two prisoners are in imminent danger of execution for drug related charges. 

Iran Human Rights (JULY 21 2017): On the morning of Thursday July 20, two prisoners on death row in Khorramabad's central prison (Parsilon Prison) were reportedly transferred to solitary confinement in preparation for execution. According to close sources, the prisoners were sentenced to death on drug related charges. Iran Human Rights has obtained the names of the prisoners: Iraj Ghobadi and Kavous Maleki. 

"Iraj Ghobadi had no previous criminal record. Both [Iraj and Kavous] were both farmers who were unemployed for several years as a result of drought. Both of them were convicted in the same case file and were sentenced to death on the charge of possessing and trafficking 19 kilograms of heroin," an informed source tells Iran Human Rights. 

The execution of prisoners with drug charges continues in Iran while the Iranian Parliament has approved a general plan to amend the law for combating drugs. The Parliament is scheduled to vote on the bill again following a two-week holiday. In the event of the final approval of the plan, the death sentences for many prisoners will be commuted to a prison sentence.