Iran Executions: Four Prisoners Hanged at Rajai-Shahr Prison

June 12, 2019, 4:55 p.m.



Iran Human Rights (IHR); June 12, 2019: Three prisoners were hanged this morning and one prisoner was hanged last Monday at Rajai-Shahr prison.

According to IHR sources, on the morning of Wednesday, June 12, three prisoners were executed at Rajai-Shahr prison in the Iranian city of Karaj. All of them were sentenced to death on the charge of “corruption on earth and rape.” IHR could identify one of them as Amir Tahmaseb.

Moreover, on Monday, June 10, one prisoner was hanged at Rajai-Shahr prison. He was charged with Moharebeh (waging war against God) by armed robbery.

The aforementioned executions are not announced by Iranian authorities or media so far.

According to the Iran Human Rights statistic department, most of Iran’s executions in 2018 were carried out at Rajai-Shahr prison.


On Saturday, June 15, Iranian JavanOnline website confirmed one of the four executions. The website revealed the prisoner's first name as Hesam.