Fardin Zekri Executed for Murder in Shiraz

July 9, 2022, noon

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); July 9, 2022: Fardin Zekri, a man sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for murder, was executed in Shiraz Central Prison.

According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, a man was executed in Shiraz Central Prison on July 6. His identity has been established as 34-year-old Fardin Zekri from Kashan who was sentenced to qisas for murder.

An informed source told Iran Human Rights: “Fardin Zekri was arrested for murder charges over a financial dispute 42 months ago. He worked at a greenhouse prior to arrest.”

At the time of writing, his execution has not been reported by domestic media or officials in Iran.

According to data gathered by Iran Human Rights, at least 183 people were executed on murder charges in 2021. Those charged with the umbrella term of “intentional murder” are sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) regardless of intent or circumstances due to a lack of grading in law. Once a defendant has been convicted, the victim’s family are required to choose between death as retribution, diya (blood money) or forgiveness.