More amputation and public lashing in Iran

Oct. 24, 2010, 12:53 a.m.

Iran Human Rights, October 23: Hand of a prisoner was amputated in the prison of Yazd (central Iran), Friday October 22. reported the Iranian state run news agency Mehr. The man who was identified as "M." (32 years old), was convicted of robbery. His hand was amputated in front of the other prisoners convicted of robbery according to the report.

A man was lashed in public in the southwest Iranian town of Sosangerd last Saturday October 16, reported the official website of the Iranian judiciary in Khuzestan. The man was identified as "H. B." and was convicted of robbery. The report didn’t mention the number of lashes the man was punished with.

Last week four men were lashed in public and hand of another man was amputated inside the prison.