IHR Warns Against Execution of Ramin Hossein Panahi in Iran

June 22, 2018, 7:51 a.m.

Iran Human Rights (Jun 21, 2018): Iran Human Rights warns that the execution of the Kurdish political prisoner, Ramin Hossein Panahi, may be carried out in the next few days. IHR asks the judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop the execution immediately and overturn this inhumane verdict.

According to a close source, during the last few days and after Ramadan (during which the process of executions is traditionally stopped), concerns over the execution of Ramin Hossein Panahi has significantly increased. 
On Monday, June 18, United Nations human rights experts urged Iran to stop Ramin Hossein Panahi’s execution and demanded that Iran’s judicial authorities annul his death sentence.
Moreover, last month, Agnès Callamard, the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions at the United Nations, expressed her regret at the rejection of Ramin Hossein Panahi’s appeal, Iranian authorities’ refusal to hold a fair trial, and Iran’s intent to execute him. Callamard also expressed her concern about Ramin Hossein Panahi being denied of the right to have a lawyer and a fair trial and also being tortured. 
Last week, 40 attorneys wrote a letter to the Islamic Republic's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, requesting him to stop Ramin Hossein Panahi’s execution.
In a video, a copy of which was made available to IHR, Mohammad Hossein Panahi, Ramin’s father, stated that security agents captured a video of him making him talk against his son.
Iran Human Rights warns that Ramin Hossein Panahi’s execution may be carried out in the next few days. IHR demands the judicial authorities of the Islamic republic to immediately stop Ramin Hossein Panahi’s execution and annul his death sentence unconditionally.
Ramin Hossein Panahi was shot and arrested by the agents of the Revolutionary Guard on Friday, June 23, 2017. The IRGC agents claimed that he was armed, but Ramin’s family claim otherwise. 

Legal Efforts Failed; Political Prisoner on the Verge of Execution in Iran

This prisoner was transferred to Sanandaj central Prison on January 9, 2018, after spending 200 days in the custody of the Intelligence Organization of Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and the Ministry of Intelligence. Ramin Hossein Panahi's trial was held on January 15, 2017. He was sentenced to death in the first session on the charge of "rebellion against the regime, acting against the national security, and being a member of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan." His execution was approved by branch 39 of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 10.