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Two Women and Four Men were Hanged in Iran

23 Nov 13
Two Women and Four Men were Hanged in Iran

Iran Human Rights, November 23: Six prisoners among them two women were hanged in the prison of Yazd (Central Iran), reported the official site of the Iranian Judiciary in Yazd today.

According to the report the executions were carried out early Thursday morning, 21. November.

The prisoners are identified as "Abdolaziz A." convicted of participation in trafficking and possession of 18 kilograms of opium, 10 kilograms of crack and drug addiction; "Saeed B" for possession and trafficking of 52 kilograms of morphine containing drugs; "Sirus S" for possession and trafficking of 306 kilograms of concentrated heroin and for using opium; "Abolfazl A.

" for possession of one kilograms of heroin, and two women identified as "A. A." and "R. A." for participation in possession and trafficking of 31 kilograms of concentrated heroin.

According to reports by human rights organizations many of those convicted of drug trafficking are subjected to torture, forced confessions and unfair trials.