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Kurdish Civil Rights activists under pressure

27 Jan 14
Kurdish Civil Rights activists under pressure
Iran Human Rights, January 25: Five Kurdish civil rights activists were arrested, detained and interrogated by the Ministry of Intelligence at the weekend.

 Dana Lanjabadi, Haiman Biglar, Arash Mowloodi, Soran Daneshvar and Aso Falahati were arrested in the town of Marivawn by security guards, according to local sources.

Dana Lanjabadi, a student activist and member of the Green Chia Association, was arrested on Saturday, January 25th, at 5:30pm, while walking along the Imam Hossein Square, in the Marivawn town center.

Following his arrest, guards and agents searched his parents' home, where he lives. The guards told the Lanjabadi family that they should contact the public relations department of the Ministry of Intelligence for any news on their son.

Dana Lanjabadi is a student at the Payawm’eh Noor University in the city of Sanandadj, and is an environmental activist. Also on Saturday, civil rights activists Haiman Biglar and Arash Mowloodi were summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence in Marivawn and held for several hours. Both Biglari and Mowloodi are students at Marivawn’s branch of Payawm’eh Noor University and are also environmental activists.
On Sunday, January 27th, Soran Daneshvar, and Aso Falahati, two other student activists from Marivan were summoned to the office of intelligence and surveillance by telephone for questioning. He was released after few hours later.
According to the local sources, in the past few days, many civil rights activists have been under pressure or arrested and taken to the the office of intelligence in Marivan. Iran Human Rights was told by the close friends of these activists that they were summoned for questioning in relation to their participation in a peaceful protest against death penalty.