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Two Afghan Citizens Hanged In Iran- Lawyer Conducted The Executions

6 Jun 16
Two Afghan Citizens Hanged In Iran- Lawyer Conducted The Executions

Iran Human Rights (JUN 6 2016): A lawyer reportedly has carried out executions in one of Tehran's prisons. According to the state-run Iranian news agency Fars, two Afghan citizens were hanged in a prison in Tehran. The prisoners were reportedly convicted of several cases of rape and robbery. The names of the prisoners, the date of their executions, or the exact location of the executions were not revealed in the report, which was published on Sunday June 5.

A lawyer for one of the complainants reportedly carried out the executions. The lawyer, who was not identified by name, told Fars News Agency: "On the request of one of the complainants, I personally caried out the punishments." This is despite that the prisoners were reportedly charged with rape and not murder.

According to Iranian laws, families of murder victims may carry out the execution of the murderer. Iran may be the only country where the execution of rape victims could be carried out by the lawyer of a complainant. 

Iran Human Rights (IHR) condemns the executions. "It is outrageous that lawyers are carrying out executions. Iran's leaders are responsible for promoting a culture of death penalty in Iran," says Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson for IHR.