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Urgent: imminent danger of mass execution for more than 20 Sunni prisoners in Iran

2 Aug 16
Urgent: imminent danger of mass execution for more than 20 Sunni prisoners in Iran

Iran Human Rights (AUG 2 2016): On Monday August 1, around 30 Sunni prisoners at Karaj's Rajai Shahr Prison (west of Tehran) were reportedly transferred to an unknown location. Among these prisoners is Shahram Ahmadi, who was sentenced to death in an unfair trial that lasted only a few minutes.

In an unusual move, on Monday, the ward where the men were being held was raided by special guards in black gear and the prisoners were placed under strict security measures. According to close sources, the Iranian forces handcuffed and shackled the feet of around 30 Sunni minority political prisoners and transferred them to an unknown location. 

A confirmed source tells Iran Human Rights: "They took a total of 36 people out from Hall, and seven of them have only been sentenced to death in the lower court and their cases are still in review at the Supreme Court."

According to close sources, the family members of several of the prisoners were informed by Iranian authorities to come in for their final visit on Tuesday August 2 at 3pm Tehran time. "More than 20 families were informed to visit Rajai Shahr Prison, and we're currently on our way there," the wife of one of the prisoners tells Iran Human Rights. She insists her husband is innocent and deserves a fair and open trial.

Iran Human Rights warns of the imminent execution of Sunni prisoners at Rajai Shahr Prison and calls on Iranian civil society and the international community to act urgently to stop their executions. "Most if not all of these prisoners did not receive a fair trial and were sentenced to death based on confessions extracted under torture. Their death sentences are unlawful, the international community needs to react before it is too late," says Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, spokesperson for Iran Human Rights.

One of the Sunni death row prisoners is Barzan Nasrollahzadeh, who, according to an official document obtained by Iran Human Rights, was under the age of 18 when he was arrested by Iranian authorities.

According to the latest reports, which at this time are unconfirmed, some of the prisoners were executed early morning on August 2nd.