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Iran: Two Prisoners Executed- One Hanged In Public

9 Nov 16
Iran: Two Prisoners Executed- One Hanged In Public

Iran Human Rights (NOV 9, 2016): Two prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian cities, reported the state-run Iranian media.


According to Mehr News Agency, one man was hanged in Qazvin Prison (western Iran) Monday morning on November 7. The prisoner, who was identified as "Hassan Kh." (24 years of age), was sentenced to qisas (retribution) for murdering two people in two separate cases five years ago.

Iranian State Broadcasting (IRIB) reported on the execution of a prisoner early Wednesday morning on November 9. The prisoner was identified as "Mostafa K.", also known as "Saeed", charged with raping a person one year ago, said the report. The hanging was carried out in public at Shiraz's Payam Square (southern Iran).