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Iran: 12 Prisoners at Imminent Danger of Execution

IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS (APRIL 23, 2018): At least 12 death row prisoners have been transferred to solitary confinement in Rajai Shahr prison of Karaj in preparation for execution. It is believed that their sentence will be implemented on Wednesday, May 5.

Iran Human Rights (IHR) warns against a new wave of execution in Iran. IHR's spokesperson Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said:" Iranian authorities use the death penalty to spread fear and counteract the growing movement of civil disobedience in Iran".

According to reports by IHR at least 15 people have been executed during the last five days.


Close sources have reported that at least 12 death row prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement in the Rajaishahr prison during Sunday and Monday, the second and third of May.

Among these people, an Afghan prisoner, Amir Khalili, was transferred from Ghezelhasar Prison and another prisoner, Amir Ahmadi, from KhorinPrison of Varamin (near Tehran).

Other names given to IHR include Jawad Sohrabi, Iman Hosseini Moghaddam, Ali Masoumi, Ahmad Fateh-Ahmadi, Amrullah Ajdar, Mohammad Reza Kharratha, all of whom from Rajaishahr Prison. 

Except for Iman Hossein Moghaddam, who was sentenced to death on charges of corruption on earth due to sexual assault, a charge which he has denied, the death sentences for the remaining prisoners were issued on charges of murder.

As the executions in the Rajaishahr prison are carried out mostly on Wednesdays, there is a danger that the prisoners' death sentences will be carried out on Wednesday, April 25.