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Iran: Disabled Man Executed on Wheelchair

8 Mar 20
Iran: Disabled Man Executed on Wheelchair

Iran Human Rights (IHR); March 8, 2020: Two men, including a disabled person, were hanged on Saturday, February 29, at Mashhad Central Prison (also known as Vakil-Abad prison).

According to Iran Human Rights (IHR) sources, death-row prisoners Ahad (Vahid) Salehi and Nader Hosseini were hanged on February 29, 2020, at the central prison of Mashhad city, Khorasan Razavi province. Both were sentenced to death for murder charges. 

Nader Hosseini was arrested for killing a man during a so-called “honour killing” five years ago.

Ahad Salehi (28) was a disabled person and hanged while sitting on a wheelchair. According to the HRANA website which first published the news, he was shot by police at the time of his arrest. The bullet injured his spinal cord and he became disabled. HRANA reported Ahad Salehi’s first name as Vahid.

In 2019, most of the executions in Iran were carried out for murder charges. 

According to the Iranian Islamic Penal Code (IPC) murder is punishable by qisas which means “retribution in kind” or retaliation.