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The women rights defender and lawyer Shadi Sadr still in the prison

20 Jul 09
The women rights defender and lawyer Shadi Sadr still in the prison

Iran Human Rights, July 19: "Shadi Sadr is not going to be released soon" said judge Rasekh, according to the women’s rights website "Meydaan".

Ms. Sadr’s family were earlier today told that she could be released on bail. But after having been at Tehran’s revolutionary court and later outside the Evin prison, they were told by the judge (Rasekh) that Shadi Sadr is not going to be released today. When they asked whether she is going to be released on Tuesday? they were told " She is not going to be released".

Shadi Sadr, a lawyer, women rights defender and co-fonuder of the campaign "Stop stoning forever", was abducted by the plainclothes agents on Friday July 17.

when she was on her way to the Friday prayers.


According to the websiet Meydaan, she was "hit badly and dragged so badly that her scarf and manteau was removed from her".

Since then she has been able to talk with her family a couple of times without mentioning where she is and why she has been arrested.

However it is believed that she is being kept at the Evin prison. In a comment to Meydaan, her lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, expressed concerns about Ms. Sadr’s situation and said that she might be kept in solitary confinement.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights said "we condemn the arrest of Shadi Sadr and ask the international community to put pressure on the Iranian authorities for immediate release of Ms. Sadr and all others arrested unlawfully in the past few weeks".