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Unidentified Man Executed in Esfarayen

11 Aug 21
Unidentified Man Executed in Esfarayen

Iran Human Rights (IHR); August 11, 2021: An unidentified man sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for murder, was executed in Esfarayen.

According to the official ISNA News Agency, the Esfarayen Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor, Mr Nadernejad has reported the execution of a man in the city. The identity of the prisoner who was sentenced to qisas for murder has not been reported.

He was accused of killing a 31-year-old woman with the motive to steal her gold in March 2017. The report does not specify the exact date and location of the execution.

Esfarayen is a city located in the southeast of Northern Khorasan province and the capital of Esfarayen county.

According to Iran Human Rights’ Annual Report on the Death Penalty, at least 211 of the 267 people executed in 2020 were sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for "premeditated murder."

As there are no legal distinctions made between murder and manslaughter, whether voluntary or involuntary in Iran, those charged under the umbrella term of “premeditated murder” will receive the death penalty regardless of intent and the circumstances.