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The Arts and Human Rights: Introducing the “Sweet Destiny” Album and Film

25 Aug 21
The Arts and Human Rights: Introducing the “Sweet Destiny” Album and Film

Iran Human Rights (IHR); August 25, 2021: Pioneering Iranian alternative rock band, Kiosk have released a new musical film and album titled “Sweet Destiny.” Based on a historic 1853 photograph of a public execution by cannon fire in Iran, it is the first professional Farsi language album or film of its kind to be dedicated to the subject of the death penalty.

The story is narrated by the photographer who has been summoned to photograph the scene of the execution as proof and questions the defendant’s crime. Divided into 14 acts, the imagined story of the execution is layered with cultural and political metaphors and references. Kiosk’s rich and poignant songs create context, take the viewers through the history of Iran since 1853 and highlight the critical issues around the death penalty and human rights breaches in Iran. Using historical photographs, paintings and animation, Sweet Destiny is visually mesmerising and thought provoking with sprinkles of satire that masterfully cross cultural boundaries. The film is subtitled in English.  

Kiosk have dedicated the film “to the families of the victims of the death penalty and all those working for the abolishment of this inhuman punishment.” Supported by Iran Human Rights, Sweet Destiny has been made available for those in Iran but we ask the Iranian diaspora and our friends and allies to support our fight against the death penalty by donating their chosen amount through this PayPal link.


You can watch the full film here. 


For more information, visit the Sweet Destiny website

“In order to abolish the death penalty, we need society as a whole to stand shoulder to shoulder with activists and human rights organisations and shout in unison. Artists and the arts can convey the voice of activists to sections of society that human rights organisations cannot reach. Kiosk and Arash Sobhani have managed to bring that voice to popular culture with their talent and artistry by producing the outstanding and powerful Sweet Destiny film and album,” said Iran Human Rights’ Director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam.

The Sweet Destiny album is also available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Soundcloud.