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Death Sentences of 4 Men and a Woman Commuted to Prison Terms

8 Sep 21
Death Sentences of 4 Men and a Woman Commuted to Prison Terms

Iran Human Rights (IHR); September 8, 2021: Four men and a woman on death row for drug-related charges in Qazvin Central Prison, were notified that their death sentences have been commuted to 15-25 years imprisonment.

According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, earlier this week, the death sentences of four men and a woman were commuted to prison terms in Qazvin Central Prison.

The four men were arrested around five years ago and the woman, about four years ago.

Their names are:

1. Sakineh Mohammad-Moradi, death sentence commuted to 15 years

2. Sina Taleshi, death sentence commuted to 18 years

3. Abbas Behrouzi, death sentence commuted to 15 years

4. Salim Babaei, death sentence commuted to 20 years

5. Shahroud Fath-Elahi, death sentence commuted to 21 years

“Sakineh is about 41 years old. She was arrested with 5 kilograms of methamphetamine around four years ago and sentenced to death,” an informed source told IHR.

Drug-related executions continue despite a new article being added to the Anti-Drugs Law around four years ago. The amendment, which was passed into law in 2017, specifically restricts the death penalty and provides a degree of reduction in some drug-related cases.

According to Iran Human Rights’ Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Iran, at least 70 people have so far been executed on drug-related charges in 2021, compared to at least 25 in 2020.