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40-year-old Man Executed in Mashhad

4 Nov 21
40-year-old Man Executed in Mashhad

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); November 4, 2021: A man only identified as 40-year-old Abdullah was executed on murder charges in Mashhad Central Prison.

According to Rokna, a man was executed in Mashhad Central Prison on the morning of November 3. His identity has been reported as 40-year-old Abdullah who was sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for murder.

Abdullah was car mechanic prior to his arrest and was accused of killing his landlord with two other accomplices.

According to Iran Human Rights’ Annual Report on the Death Penalty, at least 211 of the 267 people executed in 2020 were sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for "premeditated murder."

As there are no legal distinctions made between murder and manslaughter, whether voluntary or involuntary in Iran, those charged under the umbrella term of “premeditated murder” will receive the death penalty regardless of intent and the circumstances.