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Nasser Sohrabzehi Executed for Drug Offences in Zahedan

30 Jan 22
Nasser Sohrabzehi Executed for Drug Offences in Zahedan

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); January 30, 2022: Nasser Sohrabzehi, a Baluch man sentenced to death on drug-related charges, has been executed in Zahedan Central Prison.

According to Hal Vash, a Baluch man was executed in Zahedan Central Prison on the morning of January 29. His identity has been reported as Nasser Sohrabzehi from the village of Sohrab Abad who had been sentenced to death for drug-related offences.

Nasser had been behind bars for the last five years after being arrested in Zahedan city.

At the time of writing, Nasser’s execution has not been reported by domestic media or officials in Iran.

According to Iran Human Rights’ Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Iran, at least 25 people were executed on drug-related charges in 2020.

On December 10, Iran Human Rights warned again of the rise in drug-related executions, which is now at a four-year record high and called on the international community for a prompt reaction.