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Narges Mohammadi Notified of Bail Seizure: I Don’t Recognise the Court’s Authority

17 Mar 22
Narges Mohammadi Notified of Bail Seizure: I Don’t Recognise the Court’s Authority

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); March 17, 2022: Prominent human rights defender, Narges Mohammadi has issued a statement that she does not recognise the religious totalitarianism and the court’s repressive rulings and will not be returning to prison. Stating that she had received notification of bail seizure, she said she would continue her civil disobedience of refusing to return to prison to the point that her bailer would not lose their property. Her statement, which was provided to Iran Human Rights, reads as follows:

“I don’t recognise the system of religious totalitarianism, anti-justice courts, anti-human rights laws, and repressive court rulings and will use any means of civil disobedience.

I have been sentenced to imprisonment and flogging in my last two cases. In the first case, for protesting against the shameless violations of my body by religious government officials, and in the second case, for insisting on the right of association and the right to organise, both of which are amongst the most fundamental human rights.

The purpose of sentencing of political, civil, and trade union activists by non-independent courts is not to achieve justice but to repress and instil fear in society. We, the people, must stand against it not only to attain the ‘right’ but also to fulfil our ‘duty’ and show our power in the face of an illegitimate government without the power of its citizen’s support.

I believe that the repressive government's display of power and authoritarianism should be challenged by exercising even the minimum powers of peaceful civil actions. What is important is the will to strengthen and show the power of the people against the illegitimate power of the regime.

Obviously, human rights-violating systems are illegitimate due to blatant “crimes against human dignity” and do not deserve to be obeyed or respected. Civil disobedience against their inhuman orders and laws is a civil and peaceful movement.

I don’t accept the judgements issued against me and am on the sixth day of refusing to return to prison. Unfortunately, I received a letter notifying me that the property set as bail was to be seized which demonstrates the weakness of an institution that instead of achieving justice, stands to fight against it.

I will disobey the prosecutor’s order to return to prison as long as my disobedience does not lead to the seizure of the property of the person who set it property as bail for me.


Narges Mohammadi, Tehran