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Unnamed Man Executed by Own Son in Rajai Shahr Prison

7 Jun
Unnamed Man Executed by Own Son in Rajai Shahr Prison

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) ; June 7, 2022: Official sources have reported the execution of an unnamed man by his own son after being sentenced to retribution for murder.

According to Rokna, an unnamed man was hanged by his own son in Raja Shahr Prison at an unspecified date. Iran Human Rights has established the date of the execution to have been on 1 June 2022, when several people were executed in Rajai Shahr Prison. Iran Human Rights is continuing its investigations to confirm the executions at the prison that day.

The unnamed man is reported to have been sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for stabbing his wife to death on 20 March 2019.

Once a defendant has been convicted of qisas in Iran, the victim’s family are required to choose between death as retribution, diya (blood money) or forgiveness, perpetuating the cycle of violence. Furthermore, the victim’s family are not only encouraged to attend the executions, but to personally carry them out.

In this case, the next of kin were his own son and his wife’s parents who chose retribution. The man’s son is reported to have pulled the stool from under his father’s feet. This is not the first case of a qisas convict being executed by their own child. In 2021, the executions of two women, Maryam Karimi and Zahra Esmaili  were personally carried out by their own children as next of kin to their fathers.