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Makwan Moloudzadeh, was executed yesterday for a "crime" he allegedly committed when he was 13 years old

6 Dec 07
According to his lawyer, he had confessed that he had sexual relations with another boy when they were 13 years old.

Iran human Rights, December 6: According to reliable sources, Makwan Moloudzadeh (21) has been executed at a prison in the city of Kermanshah. He was allegedly convicted of raping other boy(s) when he was 13 years old. Some weeks ago, the Iranian authorities declared that Makwan’s case had been sent to the supreme court for reconsideration. But yesterday Makwan’s father was asked to go to the prison and receive Makwan’s body.

His lawyer Mr Saeed Eqbal told Radio Farda that "Makwan had confessed after being arrested that he had "sexual relationship" with another boy when both of them were 13, and the judge has issued the death sentence based on his confession".

According to the lawyer, the other 3 boys who had came with the rape allegations against Makwan, later withdrew their explanations and told the court that they had lied"Mr Eqbal says "it is strange why the judge insisted so much in carrying out the execution verdict against Makwan"

For more details about his background see the reports from Amnesty International: He was reportedly arrested on 1 October 2006 in Paveh, in the western province of Kermanshah. He was detained in Paveh Prison and later transferred to Kermanshah Central Prison. Following interrogations in Paveh during which he was reportedly ill-treated, he was tried by Branch 1 of the Kermanshah Criminal Court and on 7 June 2007 he was sentenced to death. The witnesses and the two people who had pressed charges against him withdrew their claims after the trial. Under Iranian law, children (boys of up to 14.7 years) are to be flogged for lavat ("homosexual acts"). However, the judge relied on ‘elm-e qazi, the "knowledge of the judge" to determine that penetration had taken place and that Makwan Moloudzadeh could be sentenced to death. Makwan Moloudzadeh lodged an appeal on 5 July, which the Supreme Court rejected on 1 August. Several witnesses have withdrawn their testimonies and signed notarized written statements to that effect.

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