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Five prisoners hanged publicly in Shiraz (southern Iran) today

7 Jun 12
Five prisoners hanged publicly in Shiraz (southern Iran) today

Iran Human Rights, June 7: Five prisoners were hanged publicly in the city of Shiraz (southern Iran) today, reported the Iranian state media.

According to the official site of the Iranian judiciary, five prisoners were hanged publicly in three different spots in Shiraz.

The prisoners were identified as: Abbas Z. (charged with possession of 143 kilograms of crack), Aref A. (charged with possession of 148 kilograms of crack and 20 grams of Hashish and possession of 4,500 illegal norgesic units), Abolghassem A. (charged with possession of 19 kilograms of crack and six kilograms of opium), Farhang N. (charged with keeping and carrying 123 kilograms and selling 20 kilograms of crack) and Ali Akbar M.

(charged with purchasing and possessing 23 kilograms of crack). All the prisoners were arrested about two years ago

Iran Human Rights strongly condemned today’s barbaric executions in Iran. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights, said, "Iranian authorities executed these prisoners at three different locations in the city to ensure that their terror reaches as many people as possible." He added: "This is state terrorism, and Iranian leader Ali Khamenei and others in the Iranian political leadership must be held accountable for their crimes."