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One Woman in Iran Flogged 100 Times then Hanged

25 May 13
One Woman in Iran Flogged 100 Times then Hanged

Iran Human Rights, May 25: According to unofficial sources in Iran, at least one woman was hanged on Wednesday, May 22 in Gharchak Prison, located in Varamin (a city near Tehran).

According to a report by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, the woman was identified as Giti Marami, but no information has been published about her charge(s). She was reportedly 34 years old, married, and had one daughter. Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) has also confirmed the report.

Ms. Marami was reportedly flogged 100 times before she was hanged. Although the hanging occurred four days ago, state media in Iran has not released news of this execution.

According to the unofficial reports, Ms. Marami’s husband, Isa Aman Pour was sentenced to death 13 years ago and is currently in imminent danger of execution.

Iran Human Rights (IHR) is investigating the case and will provide more details when available.