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Saber Sharbati Juvenile Prisoner on Death Row Killed in Prison Fight

31 Jul 15
Saber Sharbati Juvenile Prisoner on Death Row Killed in Prison Fight
Saber Sharbati, a juvenile prisoner, was reportedly killed during a group fight in his prison ward
Iran Human Rights, July 31 2015: According to close sources, juvenile prisoner Saber Sharbati was killed during a group fight in ward 10 Hall 36 of Rajai Shahr Prison that broke out late night Wednesday. Prisoners Vahid Silani and Hamid "Rooster" were reportedly seriously injured in the fight and transferred immediately out of the prison - their condition is reportedly stable. A prisoner in Hall 36 has told Iran Human Rights: "During the fight one of the prisoners bashed Saber's head into an empty aquarium, causing the blood vessels in his neck to rupture." Despite Saber's young age Iranian officials had him locked up in one of the most dangerous wards in Rajai Shahr Prison.
In the ward Saber was reportedly a sexual victim who the adult prisoners liked to prey on, resulting in many brawls to break out among prisoners. In 2005 Iranian officials charged Saber with the murder of a cab driver and sentenced him to death while he was under the age of 18. The Judiciary had reportedly approved an appeals hearing to be held under Iran's new Criminal Procedure Code. Abdollah Khatamifar, Saber's lawyer, confirmed the juvenile prisoner's death to Iran Human Rights. "We don't have any further information about the incident. The police just began investigating and judicial officials are looking into Saber's case," says Khatamifar.