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11 Prisoners Across Iran Executed for Drug Offences

7 Sep 15
11 Prisoners Across Iran Executed for Drug Offences

Iran Human Rights, September 7, 2015: Iranian authorities hanged 11 prisoners charged with drug related offences early Monday morning, according Iran Human Rights (IHR) sources in Ghezel Hesar Prison (west of Tehran).

One of those executed was identified as a school teacher named Mahmoud Barati. He was reportedly sentenced to death on false charges and imprisoned for ten years. The sole evidence which Iranian authorities reportedly have against Barati is a testimony given by a prisoner with drug charges who was executed in 2011. The prisoner had attempted to withdraw his testimoney twice, but Iranian judicial officials did not consider his appeals.  Mahmoud Barati did not have a criminal record prior to his arrest in 2006, he worked as an elementary school teacher in Taybad (eastern Iran).

Prior to the executions, Iranian authorities did not provide Mahmoud Barati's family their right to a last visit.

The other prisoners who were hanged are: Ali Tafreshi and Mehdi Rahimi from Ghezel Hesar Prison, Hossein Rostami from Fasha Prison (south of Tehran), five prisoners from the Central Prison of Tehran, and one unidentified prisoner.

So far in 2015, Iranian authorities have executed more than 700 prisoners, including more than 400 prisoners charges with drug offences.

Iran Human Rights strongly condemns today's executions. IHR's spokesperson, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said: "Mahmoud Barati is only one of many innocent prisoners who Iranian authorities have executed for drug charges. The international community must place pressure on Iranian authorities to stop arbitrary executions being carried out under the pretext of fighting drug trafficking."