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Juvenile Prisoner Spared from Execution

Iran Human Rights, September 22 2015: Arman, a juvenile prisoner who was accused of a murder crime when he was 16 years of age, was spared from execution after article 91 of the Islamic Penal Code was implemented on his case.

On the morning of Monday September 21, branch 2 of Tehran's Criminal Court, presided by Judge Aziz Mohammadi and two advising judges, reportedly sentenced Arman to a five-year prison term and ordered him to pay blood money to the murder victim's family.

Article 91 states: In the cases of offenses punishable by hadd or qisas, if mature people under eighteen years do not realize the nature of the crime committed or its prohibition, or of there is uncertainty about their full mental development, according to their age, they shall be sentenced to the punishments prescribed in this chapter.