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Iran: Two Unidentified Prisoners Executed on Drug Charges

According to official Iranian reports, two unidentified prisoners have been hanged at a prison in  Ardebil on drug charges.

Iran Human Rights, October 16 2015: The press department for Ardebil's Judiciary reports on two hangings at Ardebil Prison for drug charges. According to the official report, the prisoners, who are not identified, were executed on the morning of Wednesday October 14.

Ardebil's Revolutionary Court reportedly issued the prisoners death sentences for charges involving two separate drug cases: one for allegedly purchasing, possessing and trafficking four Kilograms and 402 Centigrams of heroine and the other for allegedly participating in the trafficking and possession of three Kilograms, 342 Grams and 50 Centigrams of heroine in addition to purchasing and possessing 231 Grams of heroine.