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Girl on Death Row Since Age 12 Saved from Execution


Somayeh was 12 years old when she was arrested by Iranian authorities for allegedly participating in the murder of her father. She along with her mother, Tahereh, were transferred to prison and sentenced to death.

Now, after seven years of enduring prison, Somayeh is no longer living in the shadow of death. According to reports, the teenager was saved from execution and released from prison after Article 91 of the revised Islamic Penal Code was implemented on her case. The news was announced by Iran state run media outlet, Farheekhtegan.

According to the report, Somayeh's mother is still imprisoned and on death row. The report also claims that Somayeh said in one of her court hearings: "I was only 12 years old and was under the influence of my mother." Somayeh was reportedly sentenced to death twice by Branch 74 of Tehran's Criminal Court, the second time her sentence was confirmed by Iran's Supreme Court.

Article 91 states: "In the cases of offenses punishable by hadd or qisas, if mature people under eighteen years do not realize the nature of the crime committed or its prohibition, or of there is uncertainty about their full mental development, according to their age, they shall be sentenced to the punishments prescribed in this chapter."