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Iran: Three Men and One Woman Hanged in One Day

7 Dec 15
Iran: Three Men and One Woman Hanged in One Day

Iran Human Rights (DEC 9 2015): On Sunday December 6, three men with alleged murder charges were reportedly hanged to death at Zahedan Central Prison and also one woman was reportedly hanged in Ghazvin Central Prison for allegedly murdering her husband. 

According to close sources, the names of the three men are: Mohsen Piri, Mohsen Gomshadzehi and Aziz Sarani. They were reportedly among five prisoners who on Thursday December 3 were transferred from their cells to solitary confinement in preparation for their executions. The other two were returned to their cells after the plaintiffs on their case files granted them respite from hanging. Iranian official sources have been silent on the execution of the three men.

The Iranian official news site, Parsine, has identified the woman as F. Zanjanian. According to the official report, "Zanjanian" committed the act of murder in 2011 and was sentenced to death and 99 lashings by Iranian courts.