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Five Prisoners Hanged in Northern Iran

6 Jan 16
Five Prisoners Hanged in Northern Iran

Iran Human Rights (JAN 6 2016): Five prisoners sentenced to death on murder charges were reportedly hanged at Karaj's Rajai Shahr Prison on the morning of Wednesday January 6.

According to close sources, the names of the prisoners are Maghsoud Mehdizadeh, Hamid Khodabandebou, Mehdi Sadeghi, and Mohammad Nadirnejad.

The prisoners were among at least ten at Rajai Shahr who were transferred to solitary confinement on Sunday January 3 in preparation for their executions. The other prisoners were reportedly returned to their cells after receiving reprieves from the plaintiffs on their case files.

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary, have been silent on these executions.