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Iran Hunger Strikers in Critical Condition - IHR Calls for Urgent World Reaction

7 Jan 17
Iran Hunger Strikers in Critical Condition - IHR Calls for Urgent World Reaction

Several political prisoners and prisoners of conscience are on hunger strike in Iran as a last resort effort to be heard by Iranian authorities regarding the violation of their basic human rights. Despite widespread attention by the Iranian civil society to the situation of political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran, the United Nations, European Parliament and world community at large have not shown adequate reaction to thIs urgent matter.

Iran Human Rights calls on the international community to give urgent attention to help save political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran.

Iran Human Rights (JAN 7 2017): Ali Shariati, Saeed Shirzad, Mohammad Reza Nekounam, Mehdi Koukhian, Nizar Zakka, and Mohammad Saber Malek Reisi are political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran.

Ali Shariati is on hunger strike in Evin Prison protesting the charges against him and his prison sentence. He is currently on his 68th day of hunger strike. Mr. Shariati was arrested and jailed by Iranian authorities for attending a peaceful gathering against acid attacks. He is currently in critical condition and his life is in danger.

On Tuesday January 3, Arash Sadeghi broke his hunger strike on the 72nd day after his wife, Golrokh Iraee, was released on a four-day furlough from prison. However, authorities have blocked Mr. Sadeghi's access to adequate medical care. His health is reportedly in critical condition. Additionally, Ms. Iraee is in danger of being sent to prison again.

According to a close source, Mr. Sadeghi has become severely nauseous numerous times and vomited blood and is experiencing stomach pains. He was reportedly transferred to the prison's clinic several times, but always returned to his cell. Mr. Sadeghi reportedly suffers from a lung infection, a severe cough, and pneumonia. Although Arash Sadeghi is in critical condition and there is serious danger to his life, he has not been transferred to the hospital.

Mohammad Saber Malek Reisi is a political prisoner held in Ardabil Central Prison. He has been on hunger strike since December 30, 2016 in protest to the beatings he received by prison authorities and their inhumane behaviour toward him. On Wednesday December 28, 2016, prison guards had chained Mr. Malek Reisi outside from 8am until 10pm and made him sit on the snow-covered ground of the prison courtyard the entire time. Mr. Saber Malek Reisi was 15 years old when he was arrested by Iranian authorities and is now in his seventh year of imprisonment. He is sentenced to a 15-year prison term for the charge of Moharebeh (enmity against God). 

Mehdi Koukhian, an Azerbaijani civil rights defender is on his 17th day of hunger strike. He is currently being held in solitary confinement in an IRGC operated detention centre in Tabriz.

Saeed Shirzad is a civil rights defender who is held in Rajai Shahr Prison and is on his 32nd day of hunger strike. Mr. Shirzad, who is reportedly in a bad physical state, has his lips sewn shut. He had released a letter from prison announcing the reason for his hunger strike: to demand the authorities remove the cancer-causing devices for jamming satellite signals, remove the steel fence on the windows in the cells, and grant political prisoners and prisoners of conscience their right to phone calls. He is also demanding that ailing prisoners be provided with urgent medical care.

Mohammad Reza Nekounam and Nizar Zakka are other political prisoners who are reportedly on hunger strike in Iran.