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Iran: Four Prisoners Executed

Iran Human Rights (MAR 8 2017): Two prisoners were hanged at Garmsar Prison (Semnan province, northern Iran) on drug related charges and two prisoners were hanged at Urmia's central prison (West Azerbaijan province, northwestern Iran) on murder charges.

According to the human rights news agency, HRANA, the two prisoners at Garmsar were hanged on Monday March 6 on the charge of possession and trafficking 820 grams of narcotics. The prisoners have been identified as Parviz (Behrouz) Nedaie and Bahram Moradgholi.

According to HRANA, the two prisoners at Urmia's central prison were also hanged on Monday. The prisoners have been identified as Ramezan Sabzi and Yousef Alizadeh (approximately 60 years old).

Close sources have reported on three death row prisoners from Urmia's central prison, charged with serial murder, who were transferred out of the prison. Close sources believe the Iranian authorities plan to execute these three prisoners in public.

Iran Human Rights had previously reported on two executions on drug related charges which were carried out at Urmia's central prison on Sunday March 4.