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Iran: Three Prisoners Executed

Iran Human Rights has learned about the execution of three prisoners, one on drug related charges, the other two on murder charges.

Iran Human Rights (MAR 9 2017): A prisoner was reportedly hanged at Maragheh Prison (East Azerbaijan province, northwestern Iran) on drug related charges, and two prisoners were reportedly hanged at Zahedan Central Prison (Sistan & Baluchestan province, eastern Iran) on murder charges.

According to close sources, the prisoner at Maragheh Prison was executed on the morning of Sunday March 5. The prisoner has been identified as Morad Seifi, 39 years of age.

"Morad was arrested in autumn 2013 [for possession of] one kilogram and 300 grams of crystal meth and 750 grams of crack on him. He was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court," a close source tells Iran Human Rights.

According to the human rights news agency, the Baloch Activists Campaign, the two prisoners who were executed at Zahedan Central Prison have been identified as Gol Mohammad Kiazehi and Mehrdad Vazifehdad. Mr. Kiazehi was reportedly held in prison for seven years before he was executed while Mr. Vazifehdad was held in prison for five years before his execution. Their executions were reportedly carried out on Tuesday March 7. Three other prisoners were reportedly also scheduled to be executed at Zahedan Central Prison on Tuesday, but their executions were postponed for unknown reasons.

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and the media, have not announced the executions mentioned in this report.