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Iran: Two Men and a Woman Hanged on Drug Charges

2 Jul 17
Iran: Two Men and a Woman Hanged on Drug Charges

Two men and a woman were hanged on drug related charges at Rasht's central prison. 

Iran Human Rights (JULY 2 2017): On Saturday July 1, two men and one woman were reportedly hanged at Rasht's central prison on drug related charges. According to close sources, these three prisoners were transferred to solirary confinement on Thursday in preparation for their executions. Close sources have identified the two men as Sallaholdin Par and Jafar Saadanloo. The woman was identified as the wife of Jafar Saadanloo, but her name is not known at this time. 

"Sallaholdin was sentenced to death on the charge of trafficking and possessing three kilograms of crystal meth," an informed source told Iran Human Rights.

Since the start of 2017, 133 individuals have been executed in Iran on drug related charges. Iranian parliament members had formerly requested from the Judiciary to stop drug related executions for at least five thousand prisoners pending further investigation. However, the request has not stopped the Judiciary from carrying out death sentences for prisoners with drug related charges. 

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and the media, have not announced these three executions.