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Two Unidentified Prisoners Hanged on Drug Charges

12 Jul 17
Two Unidentified Prisoners Hanged on Drug Charges

Iran Human Rights (JULY 12 2017): Two unidentified prisoners were reportedly hanged at Semnan Central Prison on drug related charges. 

According to a report by the state-run news agency, Rokna, the executions were carried out on the morning of Tuesday July 11. The report does not mention the identities of the prisoners.


Iranian authorities are carrying out death sentences for drug related charges at the same time that a bill is being reviewed by the Judicial Commission of the Iranian Parliament calling for the death sentences for many prisoners charged with drug trafficking to be called off. Iranian parliament members had requested from the Judiciary to stop drug related executions for at least five thousand prisoners pending further investigation. However, the request has not stopped the Judiciary from carrying out death sentences for prisoners with drug related charges.