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Three Prisoners Hanged on Drug Charges, Iranian Officials Silent

16 Jul 17
Three Prisoners Hanged on Drug Charges, Iranian Officials Silent

Iran Human Rights (JULY 16 2017): On the morning of Saturday July 15, three prisoners were reportedly hanged on drug related charges at Parsilon, Khorramabad's central prison (Lorestan province, western Iran). 

Iran Human Rights has obtained the identity of one of the prisoners: Najmoldin Safipour (pictured below), sentenced to death on the charge of 12 kilograms of crystal meth. According to close sources, Mr. Safipour was a taxi driver. The identities of the two other prisoners are not known at this time.

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and the state-run media, have not announced these executions. 

"They had arrested Najmoldin along with his friend four years ago, but the drugs they charged him with belonged to an individual whom they executed last year," an informed source tells Iran Human Rights. 

These three prisoners were hanged three days before a bill to reform the death penalty for drug related charges is scheduled to be addressed in an open session by the Iranian Parliament.