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Man Hanged on "Security" Charges, Iran Authorities Silent

3 Aug 17
Man Hanged on "Security" Charges, Iran Authorities Silent

A man in Sanandaj Central Prison was reportedly hanged on "security" charges, but the Iranian authorities are silent about it.  

Iran Human Rights (AUG 3 2017): A 26-year-old prisoner identified as Morteza Rahmani was reportedly hanged at Sanandaj Central Prison on "security" charges. According to a report by the human rights news agency, HRANA, Mr. Rahmani's execution was carried out on the morning of Wednesday August 2. The report says Mr. Rahmani was arrested six years ago but was sentenced to death two years after. 

"Morteza was issued three death sentences on the charges of Moharebeh through membership in a Kurdish opposition group and was issued two more death sentences on the charge of killing a father and a son who have ties to the IRGC, a source close to Mr. Rahmani tells Iran Human Rights. 

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and state-run media, have not announced Morteza Rahmani's execution.