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Iran: Three Prisoners Hanged

5 Sep 17
Iran: Three Prisoners Hanged

Three prisoners were reportedly hanged in Iran. 

Iran Human Rights (SEPT 5 2017): A prisoner was reportedly hanged at Ardabil Central Prison on murder charges, and two prisoners were reportedly hanged at Tabriz Central Prison on rape charges. 

According to the human rights news agency, HRANA, the execution at Ardabil Central Prison was carried out on Sunday September 3. The prisoner has been identified as Adel Karimi, a man in his 50's. Sources close to Iran Human Rights have confirmed the execution of Adel Karimi.  

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, the executions at Tabriz Central Prison were also carried out on Sunday. The prisoners have been identified as Dariush Rashidi and Kazem Shiri. Sources close to Iran Human Rights have confirmed the execution of these two men and say that their death sentences were reversed several times due to ambiguities in their case files, but they were executed anyway.

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and state-run media, have not announced these three executions.