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Iran: Man Hanged on Murder Charges

11 Sep 17
Iran: Man Hanged on Murder Charges

A man was hanged in northern Khorasan on murder charges. 

Iran Human Rights (SEPT 11 2017): Iran Human Rights has obtained information about an execution that was carried out in Iran in late August. According to close sources, a prisoner was hanged at Shirvan Prison (northern Khorasan) on Sunday August 27 on murder charges. Close sources have identified the prisoner as Farrokh Hamadollahi. 

"On July 2, 2012, Farrokh got involved in a fight in order to defend his cousin. During the fight, he shoved an individual to the ground, and the individual died after his head hit on the concrete pavement. Farrokh repeatedly insisted that he did commit an act of murder, but the authorities sentenced him to death anyway," an informed source tells Iran Human Rights. 

Iranian official sources, including the Judiciary and state-run media, have not announced Farrokh Hamadollahi's execution. At the present time, there are roughly 750 prisoners in Shirvan Prison who are held under deplorable conditions.