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Iran: Four Prisoners Hanged

24 Nov 17
Iran: Four Prisoners Hanged

Iran Human Rights (Nov 23 2017): A prisoner was hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison on Moharebeh charges and three other were executed at Tabriz Central Prison on murder charges.

Execution in Karaj

According to a close source, a prisoner was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison charged with Moharebeh (waging war against God) on Wednesday November 22. The prisoner, identified as Majid Sa’adat, was transferred to solitary confinement on Wednesday November 15. On Wednesday November 21, he was returned to his cell, while his execution was thought to have been stopped. However, he was transferred to solitary confinement again on Wednesday and was executed.

Majid Sa’adat was convicted of Moharebeh, while there is no information regarding his criminal offence and the evidence against him.

“Majid Sa’adat extorted some of the Iranian authorities by posing as government officials and an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence. However, he was never aggressive and did not use cold weapons or guns, which would make his crime count as Moharebeh,” Said one of the prisoner’s relatives to Iran Human Rights (IHR).

IHR is investigating further into this case.

Execution in Tabriz

According to a report by HRANA News Agency which is also confirmed by Iran Human Rights (IHR), on the morning of Wednesday November 22, three prisoners were executed at Tabriz Central Prison on murder charges.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network identified the three prisoners as Jamal Qanbari from Tabriz, Sa’ed Askari from Mianeh, and Ali Delgoshadi from Mamqan.

The executions of these prisoners have not been announced by the state-run media so far.