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Isfahan Protests: Arrests Continue

27 Nov 21
Isfahan Protests: Arrests Continue

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); November 27, 2021: More protesters were transferred to Isfahan Central Prison this afternoon after being arrested at the farmers’ peaceful protests against the mismanagement of the water crisis. At least 30 protesters with eye injuries are at Alzahra and Amin Hospitals. Homes of suspected protesters are being raided and yet more detained.

According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, more detainees have continued to be transferred to the detention centre within Isfahan Central Prison throughout the day today. Some of the detainees are injured with bloodied faces and torn clothes.

Speaking to Iran Human Rights, an informed said: “Around 3 in the afternoon, more detainees were dropped off by van at the detention centre in Isfahan Central Prison. Some of the detainees were injured by pellet bullets, others were injured from being kicked and beaten by security forces and their clothes were torn and bloody.”

Another source said: “Around 30 of the protesters have sustained eye injuries, with some of them being minor and other more serious, they’re being treated at Alzahra and Amin Hospitals. There are protesters being treated at other hospitals too.”

There is a  possibility that the injured protesters will be arrested once they have been discharged from the hospital.

According to local sources, arrests continue as security forces are raiding the homes of the protesters that have been identified. Amongst the detainees are elderly villagers who were transferred from the prison to an unknown location overnight.

Yesterday, Iran Human Rights reported that more than 120 protesters had been arrested on Friday and transferred to Isfahan Central Prison.  Three of the detainees were taken directly to the “infirmary and morgue” ward of the prison by ambulance, and according to sources they may have been killed.

Meanwhile, Hassan Karami, the NAJA (police) Special Units Commander announced that 67 had been arrested during the protest crackdown yesterday.

The detention centre is located within Isfahan Central Prison and under the supervision of intelligence focres and is where political prisoners are kept. Many detainees were transferred to Isfahan Central Prison after the November 2019 nationwide protests and some kept there for more than three months.